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Earthbound Freestyle Judo is a small Judo dojo in Long Island, NY, USA.

When I started this club, it was with the intention of further developing no-gi versions of Judo techniques that could benefit people who compete in MMA or BJJ competition, as well as Freestyle Judo and self-defense purposes.

Since we began in July 2016, our club has steadily grown in membership each month, while putting out free content including technique videos, blog posts, photos, and other information pertaining to both our club and the sport/art of Judo.

We will continue to put out this information free of charge, but for our many website visitors and YouTube subscribers who reside overseas, or do not live close enough to train at our facility in Selden, who wish to contribute to our club anyway, I have included a donation button that is linked with our club’s PayPal account.

All donations go to fund Earthbound Freestyle Judo. I do not spend any of our club’s money on myself. Every dollar is being put towards improving our club, whether it’s new mats, a subscription to online services like Superstar Judo that can benefit our students in terms of improving their Judo education, trips to train with other clubs, tournament fees, a better camera to film future technique videos with for the benefit of our YouTube subscribers, or building a private studio (which I am currently working on), etc.

Feel free to enjoy our content at no charge, but if you do wish to support us, whether it’s a $10, $50, or $100 donation, all help is greatly appreciated.

The PayPal donation is located below. Once again, thank you for your consideration and support!

-Professor Will Ferraro, Founder and Head Instructor of Earthbound Freestyle Judo

Donate Button with Credit Cards