FALL SPECIAL: Join with a friend, receive 50% off 6 months of classes!

From 9/8/17 through 10/8/17, Earthbound Freestyle Judo is offering a tremendous opportunity for you and a friend to enroll in our No-Gi Judo and Submission Grappling program.

If you join with a friend, both of you will receive a 50% discount off monthly tuition for the first 6 months. This is a maximum savings of $300 per person over that time period. We offer two classes per week, Tuesday and Thursdays, 7-8pm, and you can train both days.

No contracts, no commitments.

At Earthbound Judo, we are building a martial arts community through a ground-up approach. We’re not like every other school.

Most schools wear traditional gi uniforms, we do not. Practice in attire that you are comfortable wearing.

Most schools have a strict hierarchy that mimics feudal Japanese military discipline, we do not. There is no “Yes sir! No sir!” at our class. We are all adults – respect is mutual.

Most schools offer colored belt ranks based on “time in rank” i.e. money paid to the house. Our numeric Levels system is based purely on the advancement of skill level through program curriculum, and does not cost extra. Levels are difficult to achieve, so the achievement means something when it is gained.

Most schools are rigid and protective of class material, and do not want you cross-training anywhere else. Our approach is systematic, but experimental in what techniques and methods are added or subtracted from out curriculum, based on the best information at hand. If there is a better approach, we find and incorporate it carefully. If something we are doing is not getting students results, and the problem is with our method, we evolve the method. Should a student decide that they want to train at other schools too, whether it be to get extra training days in, or simply to train under multiple instructors, we encourage them to do so.

The goal is to have a Judo program that is complete and portable to any other grappling art or mixed fighting system. Our students learn no-gi Judo and modern submission grappling for self-defense, competition, and combat scenarios. Ego gratification is not a concern.

Moreover, we pride our program on being both beginner and advanced friendly. There are no barriers to entry. No matter your disposition, this program is for anyone.

Below is our form. Before you join, why don’t you come down for TWO FREE CLASSES and see if Earthbound Freestyle Judo is the right martial arts class for you?

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