TANI OTOSHI – Technique Video

Tani Otoshi (Valley Drop) is a great technique both for competition and combat self-defense. Here is a variation I like for self-defense from a common headlock, a scenario that many people who find themselves in a street fight might encounter. Headlocks are something that bigger, stronger people can easily resort to against weaker opponents, and virtually everyone knows how to put on a standing headlock – you’ve seen it in movies, pro-wrestling, and it’s just a position that comes naturally. These are the type of strong-man techniques that you’re gonna want to be able to defend against when fighting an untrained opponent.

The way tani otoshi works in this instance is by posturing your back and neck (because if you’re leaning, and they decide to lean too, you’ll be taken over), isolating the free wrist so your opponent can’t hit you, and pivoting your foot to the front of their stance while rotating your hips and sticking our your other leg straight across behind their stance.

The combination of the rotational pivot and leg trip will give you a great chance to wind up in a mount position atop your opponent. Watch the video and as always, leave some feedback!

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