Earthbound Judo Promo Video #1 “Breathe”

Hey everyone, thanks again for the support you’ve shown both our club and our website/youtube/instagram. We are a small, dedicated group, but the positive feedback we’ve been receiving since Day 1 has made us feel large.

Earthbound Freestyle Judo launched about 10 months ago, with the goal of growing Judo through an underutilized aspect of its effectiveness: no-gi combat scenarios, including but not limited to rashguards and various types of street clothes. We’re not an indictment on traditional Judo education, but a supplement. As of this writing, we are actually training all month in both the gi and sweatshirts, something I like to cycle in every now and then so that my students are prepared for all situations and have knowledge of grip strategies.

The reality is, once we are able to add more training days, we will transition to a full-service gi and no-gi program. Other goals of mine include the incorporation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and full-contact Karate into our curriculum, but that is a ways off.

The past 10 months have been fun, and I’m excited for what we have coming up. Check out the video embedded above – it’s our first video promo, including a compilation of the footage we’ve taken since we opened.

Thanks again,

Will F.
Head Instructor, Earthbound Freestyle Judo

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