DIRTY UCHI MATA v.2 – Technique Video

As promised, here is the follow-up to our original Dirty Uchi Mata technique video. Like version 1, you are establishing an underhook on the throwing side, and pivoting as far behind your opponent as possible, sweeping the thigh while turning the shoulders.

The difference in version 2, though, is that instead of grabbing the wrist or tricep, you are applying an inverse/alternative clinch, gripping the neck on the same side of the body as the underhook. This allows you to pivot even further behind your opponent, but more importantly, opens up the possibility of damaging them with knees, hammer firsts, and other critical strikes.

Your opponent must now concern themselves with defending strikes as well as a possible throw attack that most people don’t even expect from this position. At this range, you are also safe from counter-strikes. The more they try and hit you, the more you can control them by pulling down on the neck and pushing away, creating more distance from which to land big knee strikes. As they attempt to pull their necks up, turn in for the throw – that would be optimal timing.

For this reason, I recommend Dirty Uchi Mata v.2 for both MMA and self-defense.

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