KOSOTO GAKE – Technique Video

Kosoto Gake (Minor Outer Hook) is another excellent weapon to deploy in a Judo or submission grappling match, in the gi or no-gi. The setup described in the demonstration above works exactly the same in any case, which is part of why it us such an effective throw.

The key to a good Kosoto Gake is establishing the outer hook around the leg. In the setup I provide in the video, the throw is completed off of a body lock, but this is just one of many ways to land a Kosoto Gake.

I don’t like to just lean forward and land in my opponent’s half-guard, especially when you consider the great number of grapplers who possess an effective half-guard. This is why, after getting the hook, I balance on the balls of my hooking foot and push into my opponent to bait him into pushing back. Once he does this, I use this backwards momentum to pivot with my right foot, then sweep him back with the outer hooking leg. Now I am able to complete the throw and land in side control.

I sometimes refer to this setup as an “intelligent ragdoll”. At first glance, when done quickly, the setup and throw looks like a ragdoll, but when broken down you will notice subtle scheme of footwork at play, enabling the throw to happen.

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