TAI OTOSHI – Technique Video

Tai Otoshi (body drop) is one of the most iconic Judo throws. This Te Waza (hand throws) technique is powerful in the gi, and as shown above is very much in play while wearing a rash-guard.

As a street throw, the beauty of this technique is that the pull is not a pronounced up or down motion that would easily rip light clothing, as with other throws. Instead, you would be taking a handful of material and pushing it across the body, beneath and past the chin, with the other hand pulling at the sleeve. In the street, you would want to just grab the wrist as we do here in the no-gi demo.

Back to no-gi: as you can see in the video, I’m utilizing a collar tie to push the weight of the head towards the foot I am attacking, while pulling the wrist in a circle towards my waist. The setup is much like Kouchi Gari, except here my footwork is different. This time, I am taking a cross-step (or crossing backstep) which stops at my opponent’s heel. While I take this step, my push/pull is already in motion, finishing the throw by extending my right leg across his body, against his opposite leg’s shin, just below the knee. My extended right leg begins to snap back slightly as I finish the pivot on my left leg. What’s happening here, is my footwork has created a counter clockwise momentum behind him, as I push/pull him in the same direction. My extended leg is a barrier over which he is thrown, preventing him from utilizing footwork to avoid the throw in any way possible, as he might be able to do in defense of other throwing attacks.

Tai Otoshi is a great throw for anyone, but especially tall people with long legs. Players who prefer Ashi Waza techniques will find that Tai Otoshi blends well with the rest of their game. At the same time, in terms of self-defense, this is the perfect throw to add in to any type of block, whether defending a roundhouse punch or knife attack. For those of you familiar with traditional martial arts block and parry techniques, if you are able to catch the wrist on a parry, you could easily continue that momentum into this throw. You could even, in a more realistic encounter, block the punch, tie the arm up, clinch the neck while controlling the wrist, and just execute the throw exactly as I show in the video.


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