KOSHI GURUMA – Technique Video

In the above video, I show you how to counter a waist lock with a head-arm trap throw called Koshi Guruma.

Typically, this throw is done by grabbing and pulling his arm with your left arm, and wrapping your right arm around uke’s neck before pulling him over your hip. However, in this case, uke has waist locked me, and therefore I would generate little to no momentum by pulling an arm that is wrapped tightly around my waist.

Instead, I pull my own wrist from the arm that is locked around uke’s neck, step out past his foot with my right foot, and turn my hips quickly to bring uke over with the hip throw.

This is an effective throw for MMA competition, and you can look no further than Ronda Rousey as an example of a fighter who has used this throw time and again in the cage. Many times she adds a sweeping leg, making the throw more like Harai Goshi.

You can also look to Ronda as an example of when not to use this throw, as she was reversed when attempting Koshi Guruma on Holly Holm, a taller opponent. The taller the opponent, the harder it is to hit the throw and avoid being taken backwards.

It’s like reaching up to grab an item off of a shelf. A heavy book located on a shelf that is level or slightly above your forehead will be much easier to grab than a heavy book on a shelf 3-4 inches above you. Because you are pulling downward from a headlock to complete this throw, the same principle applies to Koshi Guruma.

This is certainly effective against people of all heights, but the taller the opponent in relation to your own height, the lower percentage the throw becomes.

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