OUCHI GARI – Technique Video

When we talk about simple, high percentage ashi waza throws, Ouchi Gari is one of the first techniques that come to my mind.

With or without the gi, the key to the balance break is to bait your opponent into committing his weight in the direction of the throw by at first pulling him in he opposite direction.

In the technique video above, I start with neck and wrist control, and pull uke downwards while stepping in with my right foot. The natural reaction to being pulled down? Resisting upward. When I feel uke begin to resist, I immediately follow his momentum by making a slight cross-step (not too deep) with my left foot, and circling my right leg inwards and hooking behind uke’s parallel leg. As I do this, I lunge forward, pushing uke’s shoulder back while also throwing my head’s weight out towards that shoulder, and lifting up the hooked leg to get the finish.

As soon as you feel uke pulling upwards, it is crucial that you follow his momentum in that direction with a momentum commitment of your own, in order to fully send him backwards. The footwork portion of the throw is a simple step forward, which comes at the same time as your initial pull downwards (which allows you to cover more distance when you attempt the leg hook), followed by a very slight cross-step. If you let uke pull up and do not immediately pursue, he’ll just succeed in pulling back to a neutral position.

Enjoy the video!

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