Free Judo Class in Selden This Saturday!

Our most challenging Judo class is coming to Selden this Saturday,  July 9th from 1-2pm, and it’s completely free and open to the public! Just bring a friend (if you can’t, let us know and you will be paired with someone).

Judo+1 is a free class that Earthbound Freestyle Judo club will be running one Saturday each month. It will feature a 20-25 minute Combat Fitness workout featuring deep stretches, gymnastic and movement drills, strength training and Eastern calisthenics. The workout is challenging, but it is intended for people of all levels, meaning that each person can adjust their output to their individual fitness level.

After the workout, it’s time for no-gi Judo. Wearing simple gym attire, students will engage in simple Judo technique drills intended for beginner students, but will learn aspects of technique-sequencing that advanced students use all the time. We will also demonstrate a standing submission that you can utilize in any self-defense situation.

Our club is located in Extreme Martial Arts Center, 359 Boyle Rd, Selden, NY 11784.

To RSVP for our Judo+1 event, call or text Professor William Ferraro at 631-944-0285, or simply head to the Judo+1 event page on Facebook and click “Going” or “Interested” for more info. The event page is located here:

Judo+1 Poster
Judo+1 is the martial arts fitness challenge you’ve been waiting for!


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