Join With A Friend, Receive 25% Off Both Memberships!

In honor of our program launch, Earthbound Freestyle Judo is offering 25% off one-year memberships to all students who join with a friend. That means both you and a friend will each receive 25% off your monthly membership tuition when you join together. This special will run until September 1st.

One of the best aspects of Judo is the camaraderie that develops between those who practice together. Joining a new club with a friend has benefits, namely the fact that you can right away begin practicing with a partner who you trust. That pre-established comfort zone can help take away some of the natural apprehension towards trying something new.

And let’s be honest: Judo is a pretty awesome, unique hobby. When your immediate network of friends, family, and acquaintances see that you and a friend are hip throwing, shoulder throwing, sweeping and choking each other on a weekly basis, they’re going to be interested. Judo is a dynamic combat skill that the average person does not possesses, yet anyone can learn if they put in the time and effort.

You don’t have to be in shape to do Judo, but it will get you in excellent shape rather quickly.

The only thing better than taking on a challenge like Judo, is doing so with cool teammates. Why not add your friends to the team?




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